Written by Rossana G. D’Antonio

Far off in the distance…a sweet ray of light.

Its beams open my eyes to visions

never before seen;

Its brightness exudes the scent of perfume

which washes the foulness that engulfs me;

Its glow silences the screams

that torment me;

Its splendor radiates warmth

which blankets me;

Its brilliance devours the bitterness

within me.

Not afraid to take a chance as it fights its way through the trees,

shines amidst the limbs, and boldly holds its ground.

Against all odds, it invades obscurity, conquers the night

…and beckons me.

The cold that shields my heart

hungers for warmth,

As if under a spell, I rise and run toward the delicate beacon,

It’s gentle and tender aura guide me

through the forest…the dark forest.

Determination and desire empower me,

As I feel my heart absorb the energy emanating

from the glow of light.

The impenetrable barrier that has protected me

For so long

Seems to collapse with each step.

And my soul lay bare like never before.

And as the tears roll down my face

In anger and desperation,

I feel a presence embrace me,

A warmth caress me…

Reluctantly, I raise my sights

And am blinded by the glare,

The glare of a new dawn which just like me,

Refuses to give up.

And the forest…the dark forest

No longer is,

For like my heart, it has come alive.

And I realize that

I no longer feel alone or lost or afraid,

For there is no more night…

4 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. Hi Rossanna,
    I’m impressed! Very good poetry, and very upbeat thoughts. With the completion of your book comes an incredible upswing!
    Laura H

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