Manifesto for the Chronologically Enhanced

Written by Laura Hoopes

Time to be happy at sixty because:

~You now have 5 dozen years to add to your wisdom and
insight.  Or if you prefer, you now have 3 score years to add to your wisdom and insight.
~You realize you don’t want to remember everything, and rejoice
in your ability to forget certain things.
~You know more people called whosis and like them better.
~You like slow food and slow sports more, but still think
shuffleboard sucks.
~The good old days do look better every year, and you can recall \​them better too.
~You start to feel that similarities are more important than
~You think certain activities, foods, and drinks you used to enjoy
are not really that good.
~Charm and manners seem much more important to you than
they used to.
~You don’t care who is listening when you speak your mind.
~You feel that we should all be able to get along, after all.

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