14 Ways to Celebrate Poetry – Day 5

More ways to celebrate poetry this week:  Terry Wolverton will be leading a free poetry workshop at Skylight Books, there is still time to RSVP, and Sonya Sones will be reading from The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus on April 10 in Diesel Books in Brentwood.  It’s all listed at the Los Angeles Blogpost 14 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month in Los Angeles, http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/jacketcopy/2011/03/14-ways-to-celebrate-national-poetry-month.html.
Today’s poet is Mary Rose Betten

This Is My Beloved

written by Mary Rose Betten

I divine words
dream words
drive words


persistence accelerates
demands cohesion


Switch off
that car radio
Turn on
some air


Answer loves command
Get Down


Sticky note it
Don’t be a
Pull over
Set it free


I park
where none dare


the void


words burst
warm upon
my thighs


My forehead
comes to rest
the steering wheel
Cooled in
sweet surrender


7 thoughts on “14 Ways to Celebrate Poetry – Day 5

  1. Mary Rose, I love the way single words stands out alone in your poem…”tease” and “linger” and even “inky”. Beautiful poem MRB, loved it. xoxo L

  2. third the motion! You should record this one on an MP3 and let us post it on the site! Your voice is so wonderful you’re an inspiration to us all, and we can’t read the words without imagining how it would sound.
    Laura H

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