National Poetry Month – Ten Days Strong

National Poetry Month was inaugurated in 1996.  To begin, it needed poets and poems.  But to continue it does need that basic of basics – money.  If you are so inclined follow the link to support Donate! They are offering gifts!


Our Poet today is Laura Beasley with a poem written in 2000.


Touch the Sky

written by Laura Beasley

I have cancer and I might die.
Fatigued and exhausted, on this bed, I lie.
Still my spirit wants to touch the sky
And my soul throughout the universe fly.

Cancer is a blessing, cancer is a curse.
But cancer is far from the very worse.
Depression would need its very own verse
With hours of time about which to converse.

For me there has been a transformation of life,
Challenges, struggles and significant strife.
To be a different kind of mother, a different kind of wife
Cuts at my being like a razor-sharp knife.

I was a whirlwind of activity, standing proud and tall.
Now I’m little more than an inert flesh ball.
The shadows hang like dark night fall
And into my bed, I once again crawl.


6 thoughts on “National Poetry Month – Ten Days Strong

  1. Laura, your poetry is so meaningful! Being able to write about such a life-changing and fearful time period is such a blessing. On a technical note, I enjoyed the rhyming within each verse. Brava~~ xo Liz

  2. Your experiences with cancer were so profound, and still are. I’ve been down in the well twice, and I know how painful it can be to reconnect with those feelings. It’s inspiring to read your writing and to know how much you enjoy life today!
    Laura H

  3. Laura,
    All of your poems from that period really resonate with the cocktail of emotions and thoughts that you were feeling. It’s so real that I thought I needed to make sure the date of writing was up front and center. It’s so wonderful that you were able to share that depth of emotion in your writing. I hope it brings strength to someone else!

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