National Poetry Month…

Our poet today is Laura L Mays Hoopes


Who Is Spring

written by Laura L Mays Hoopes

Spring is a teenager
Energy surging,
Wet and windy,
Filled with noise.

What a season,
Lively and changeable
Innocent and treacherous
Filled with roses.

Spring goes its own road
Takes no direction
Blows hot and cold
Filled with red noses.

Spring is a believer
Whatever you think
I will yield to months
Filled with summer ploys


5 thoughts on “National Poetry Month…

  1. So Much Hate

    Whites against Blacks
    Daughters against mothers
    Sons against fathers
    Brothers against sisters.

    Why so much hate?

    Where is the love for one another
    Where the morals and the guidance?
    Where is the unity and peace?
    Where is the security and brotherhood?

    Where is this nation headed?
    When will be united as one family
    When will prejudice and racism be erased?
    When will neighbor truly love his neighbor?

    When will Martin L. King’s dream come true?

    It starts with the golden rule,
    “Loving others as you love yourself.”

    (C) 2001 Eve Hall

  2. Laura, usually poetry about the seasons makes me shudder and takes me right back to Jr. High English class where we all tried to find words that rhymed with “winter” and “fall”. This poem is a lovely thought on my favorite time of the year. xo Liz

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