National Poetry Month – Gray skies in April!

Our Poet today is Rossana D’Antonio


written by Rossana D’Antonio

I have to go to dinner tonight.

We are meeting the Rubin’s – Alan and Adele,that is.

Technically, we are family.  And we will meet them for dinner.

After 5 years, they finally asked to meet us for dinner.

You see, although we are family, we have never shared a birthday or high holidays or a cup of coffee.  We have never shared a hello, how are you, welcome to the family.

We have never shared.


So simple yet so complex.  Adele blames me for the demise of Freddie’s marriage.

In her eyes, I was the other woman that broke up their perfect existence.

Except there was no such perfect existence.

There was simply an existence.

And I came along and added a tangential existence.

She’s never actually said all this.  She’s never said anything to me.


The other woman.   It’s not a role I think I deserve.

Alan called a few weeks ago and casually said Adele was ready.

As I heard the words travel from the speakerphone I thought, ready?  Ready for what?

Adele is finally ready and we must all now go to dinner, be a family, and share in long overdue beginnings?

What about me?  Am I ready?  No one’s asked me.  What will we talk about?

What have you been up to these last five years?



6 thoughts on “National Poetry Month – Gray skies in April!

  1. Rosanna, I have always enjoyed your memoir writing and this poem tells me so much. I liked so much about “Dinner”, from the center-aligned structure, to the punctuation choices and especially the words you wrote. The first line brought me right in and the ending was stark and forceful, just perfect. Thank you for sharing~~xo Liz

  2. The way the apparent relationship changes and deepens in meaning as I read through verse after verse is really masterful. Great poem, Rossana! Thanks for posting it.
    Laura H

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