National Poetry Month…

Today our poet is Liz Eisen.


written by Liz Eisen

would i have ever chosen
this constant
this annoyance
this sound
this whine

that forever
drones in my ear

with all sincerity
i can say
i’d rather hear
the sweet harmony
of quiet

without relentless
sound in my head

i wish nothing could hide
the beauty

of words
of music
of their voices

6 thoughts on “National Poetry Month…

  1. Hi Liz,
    For me it was bees, louder and louder, that accompanied your poem. I like the way you convey the frustrating gap between what you hear and what you’d like to hear.
    Laura H

  2. There is a driving force to this poem that suggests what it must be like for you. Well-said. I enjoyed reading it out loud.

  3. Oh Elizabeth. Your poem sang out in honesty. How can something about an annoying sound call me to such stillness????? Thank you. I will think about it all day and wonder in my own stillness if I am hearing true sounds. MR.

  4. There was something in the way this was written I heard a quiet annoying ocean sound droning away in the tone of the poem. I love the visual of all small letters. It’s a beautiful poem.

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