National Poetry Month – Where to hear poetry? Where to read poetry?

Looking for poetry in the Los Angeles area?  Check out this site I found: Poetry Slam & Other Reading Opportunities .  Our Poet today is Rossana D’Antonio


written by Rossana D’Antonio

It’s hard leaving behind the canyon.
The lush and vibrant landscape.
The sun peaking from behind the mountains.
The crystalline air piercing with each breath.
And the peaceful silence outlined by the hum of the wind.
The oedometer on the dashboard slowly ticks away the start of a new day.
My gilded cage in the glass cube overlooking the concrete city.
Everything changed after the accident.
Baggage full of crises at my doorstep.
Second guessing what I’ve worked for all my life.
People reinvent themselves all the time.
Leave behind six figure salaries, trek across the world in search of spiritual renewal.
Eating, praying and loving, writing about it and have it become a blockbuster movie.
It’s not that easy.
Or maybe it is and I just don’t have the courage.

6 thoughts on “National Poetry Month – Where to hear poetry? Where to read poetry?

  1. Your new home, your losses and gains, your hopes and fears…so much in these lines Rossana! Who among us hasn’t thought of chucking it all, getting away from the drama and moving to our own version of a deserted island?

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