National Poetry Month, Day 20 – things are getting wacky!!

Today’s poet is Erica W. Jamieson

Dreaded Association #5

 Written by Erica W. Jamieson

To be someone other.
To be able to speak pyramids
That might save my life
Save me.
Why are pyramids so difficult
To surgeon.
I am a late old ford truck.
I fester.
I must apologize for my eightness
Pain that has been casketed away.
To be
Sugar and healthy
Nuts.  I slunk in my shell in the game of
I am the pink plastic racing car.
I passed the appropriate kidney stones
I am here now.
I am a desert
I do not tell only lies
I tell libraries of worms
That I manufacture and prepare
While insisting of my grasses
That only golden clams of
Lightened fruit falls from their
Lips.  Lips. Lips.  I told a lie today.
I told a lie today because I am a late
Bloomer and the truth eludes me
I am still a child and I cannot
Find the words.  I am afraid.

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