National Poetry Month…Still April!

Our poet today is Laura Beasley (administrator’s apologies for posting the wrong poem yesterday!)

The Optimist

Written by Laura Beasley

Taking time to write song-singy sonnet,
Choosing word that can’t quite rhyme with vomit.
Because I’m fed up with the life I lead,
I’d rather stay home in a bath and read.

I choose the cheerful smiling all the time
And writing poems with happy-sounding rhymes.
When empty insides yearn to be carried
Instead of giving until I’m buried.

I’m far from home where my friends love me so,
The safe places where I know I could go.
It would be easy to be sad like some
But it’s not long before I have some fun.

Our path is bright and it’s the path I walk.
I can see light and I can walk my talk.

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month…Still April!

  1. Thanks for your feedback Lisa. I am glad you enjoyed my sonnet. I have decided to write 100 poems because I have been inspired by our poetry month.

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