New Year’s Wishes…

Writers, dear writers
As we enter this new year may
Our thoughts resonate as a gong
Our meaning reflect our Ommmm
Our words find a place to  belong

~Mary Rose Betten


After discarding the party hats, alleviating my overindulgence with an alka-seltzer or two, and venturing on this exciting new chapter titled 2012, my wish for all of you, my friends, is simple.  May we always continue to find fascination with the simple things that surround us, create never-ending awe inspiring wonder from within, and tirelessly work in seeking remarkable words to fill this brand new clean slate.

– Rossana D’Antonio


In the year to come, may our eyes be open to colors and shapes, may our ears hear the birds and laughter of children, may our tongues taste sweet, salt, and umami and a trace of bitter and sour, may we smell the onions and the roses, may our fingers run over velvet and the ‘cro’ side of velcro, and may we write our experiences into our work so it comes alive for all of our readers.

– Laura Hoopes


The old year exits bitter sweet.  How to judge the passing time. Pages filled on journals line, stories edited, abandoned, rejected,  –

Should I judge the year in words?

To rise with the dawn of a new day, A New Year! Pen and paper at the ready, fill my cup o’Joe and open my heart. Let words wander my way thus –

To those like me, and you know who you are, we troll in letters, fish for scaled sentences, scrape the depths of soul for pearled paragraphs –

The old year escapes bitter sweet, but in it’s wake empty journal pages unfurl, lines untangle, dare I say stories begin -Poise your pens, troll away, dear friends, write, write and write again!  Celebrate the coming 365 with words, words and words again!

– E.W. Jamieson

12 minutes left on the clock and my first thought is that Jacob, 12 years old, 6 years post leukemia, asked me last week if he could get a new pair of shoes.  He showed me the bottom of his soles and they were worn out.  I asked “how did you wear out your shoes so fast?”

 His reply,  “From shuffling Mom,” and he began sliding his feet back and forth in the popular dance.  This is the first time Jacob has ever worn out a pair of shoes.  To do so dancing is the best!  

May you wear out a pair doing something playful and full of joy!

– Lisa De Long

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